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You change your socks every day, so why not change the pad against your head?

Top Personal Hygiene Retailer of Reusable Hat Sweat Pads in Lacey

At Shape and Swelter®, based in Lacey, we understand the importance of hygiene in sports. We strive to offer the best sweat system and UVA protection for ball caps that are safe, effective, and long-lasting in the USA. Our products will help you stand ...

Discover Comfort and Style: The Shape and Swelter™ Way

We are a family-owned business based in Lacey, Washington, and we specialize in providing high-quality, reusable sweat pads that work in all types of ball caps, from polo caps to baseball and golf caps. Our pads come in packs of three and are ...


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Personal Hygiene Products

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Enhancing Hygiene and Sustainability

Effortlessly Elevate Your Hygiene Game

Elevating your hat-wearing experience is as simple as changing out the pad on your forehead periodically. By doing so, not only can you maintain a cleaner hat against your head, but you can also keep your favorite cap in pristine condition for much longer. Picture it as akin to wearing socks with your shoes; it's a small change that makes a world of difference in terms of comfort and hygiene.

Saving the Environment One Pad at a Time

In stark contrast to adhesive pads that have a single-use limitation, our reusable sweat pads are a sustainable choice. They're not only removable, and they can be used in any ballcap multiple times over. This conscientious choice plays a crucial role in reducing the burden on our environment and preventing unnecessary waste from filling our landfills. Each time you opt for a reusable sweat pad, you're contributing to a greener, cleaner world.

Preserve the Form of Your Favorite Caps

The thoughtful design of our sweat pads extends beyond just comfort and sustainability. By tucking seamlessly into the sweatband, the UVA piece offers a dual benefit—it not only absorbs sweat effectively but also helps prevent ballcaps from sagging as much as they typically would without it, and keeping sweat out of eyes. This form-preserving feature ensures that your hat maintains its original shape, adding to its longevity and overall aesthetic appeal.

Instructions for use

Put the entire piece into hat with the white piece facing towards hat , bend the black piece away to expose the white piece. Tuck each corner of the white piece behind the band and once its all behind the band push down into place. The Black piece should be outside the sweatband. When putting the hat on hold firmly with both thumbs and adjust for proper fit. 

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